The Statement of Patron's Privileges

Welcome to National Chengchi University Library!

To help you fully understand the terms and conditions of Library use and to confirm your e-mail address, please log in and sign “The Statement of Patron Privileges” before your first borrowing from the Library. If you have any question, please contact us at. 02-29393091 ext. 63222, or email to libcir@nccu.edu.tw.

Please be reminded due to a daily system maintenance, the website will suspend during 15:00~15:15, Monday to Friday.
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Library ID Number
1. Your Library ID Number is your NCCU ID Card number.

2. If the ID card has ever been replaced, the new ID number would be the original one followed by a check digit, e.g., "1" for the first replacement, "2" for the second replacement and so on.

Library Password
1. R.O.C patrons: first 6 characters of the R.O.C ID card (English letter included). For example: A12345.

2.Foreign patrons: “nccu” + “mmdd”. “mmdd” is month and date of your birthday. For example: nccu0520.