My Library Account Password Reset

Reset your NCCULib Password in 3 steps!
1. Enter your Lib ID and code displayed in the image.
2. Open your email and click on the link to reset your password.
3. Open your email and get your new PIN information.

Notice:The site suspend its service at 15:00~15:15 from Monday to Friday for system maintenance.
Please insert id and identifying code:

What is my library ID number?
1. For students, the library ID number is the Student ID number.
2. For faculties and staff members, it is the barcode number of the NCCU card, with hyphen (-) excluded.
3. For alumni and other patrons, it is the barcode number of the Alumni or the Library Card.
4. If the ID Card has ever been replaced, the last digit of the check number is “1”for the first replacement, “2” for the second replacement, and so on.
1. Please refresh page if the identifying code didn't clearly.
2. We recommend that you change the password to My Library Account after reset.
3. Library's password and iNCCU password is different.
4. If you cannot reset your password online, please contact us at. 02-29393091 ext. 63222, or email to libcir@nccu.edu.tw