Application for a Library Card

To facilitate the use of library’s resources and shorten the time of issuing library card, please use the Online Registration Service for applying a Library Card if you are one of the following identities:

1. Faculty and staff members: new faculty and staff who have not activated their library account, including full-time teachers, researchers, staff(incl.esnccu), postdoctoral fellows and full-time program assistants. Please click Here for eligibility and more details.

2. Other patrons: The group concerns visiting professors, exchange/ adjunct faculty, short-term visiting scholars, faculty of extension education, exchange students, graduate students on leave, pre-registered graduate students, students of Chinese Language Center, students of extension education (main campus), spouse of Faculty/Staff, Retired Faculty/Staff, alumni and quests. Please click Here for eligibility and more details.

To better understand information provided on the use of the library and to your rights and interests, please read Reading RulesBorrowing Ruless and Regulations on Using E-resources closely and make sure your eligibility before you start to register.
Notice for application
1. To activate your access to our library service, please bring the required documents in person to the Main Library service counter on weekdays from 08:30 to 21:00 within 30 days from the moment you complete online registration.
2. After the 30-day period your registration will be automatically deleted from our records, and you will need to re-apply for your library card.
3. NCCU Library Card Request Forms are also available for download on our website. You may complete the form and bring the printout with required documents to the Main Library service counter for instant application.
NCCU Faculty and Staff
Other Patrons