Inter-library services of NCCU and NTNU

Full-time faculty currently employed and doctoral students currently enrolled from both Universities may be privileged to the service.
To activate the borrowing privileges, patrons must give consent to both Libraries for importing their personal files to the other Library's system.
Once application granted and service initiated, patrons from both Libraries may use their valid faculty ID cards or student ID cards to borrow books and other materials from the other Library.

If you have any question, please contact us at. 02-29393091 ext. 63222, or email to libcir@nccu.edu.tw.
Please enter your ID/password.
Library ID Number
Library ID Number is your NCCU ID Card number.

Library Password
1. R.O.C patrons: first 6 characters of the R.O.C ID card (English letter included). For example: A12345.

2.Foreign patrons: “nccu” + “mmdd”. “mmdd” is month and date of your birthday. For example: nccu0520.