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    Director Office
    System Information Section
    Resources Acquisition Section
    Knowledge Organization Section
    Preservation and Access Section
    Outreach and Information Section
    Special Collections Section
    Branch Libraries Section
    Digital Innovation Section
    University History and Archives Section
    Research & Development Section
+ Digital Innovation Section
SHEN, YI Section Chief
1.Management of all business in the Digital Innovation Section.		
2.Coordinating the collection policy		
3.Coordinating the space utilization		
4.Supervising staff allocation, training and performance appraisal		
5.Coordinating fundraising and donation business		
6.Coordinating exhibition and library tour business		
7.Cooperation project planning		
8.Coordinating innovative research business		
9.Coordinating souvenir related business		
10.Other assigned tasks	
Ext. # 77030
Substitute Staff: KUO, I-WEN(郭怡雯)

1.Readers Q & A		
2.Service counter duty manual update and maintenance		
3.Scheduled book area routine processing		
4.Returns area routine processing		
5.Collection circulation service		
6.Board game borrowing service		
7.Access service
Ext. #

KUO, I-WEN Executive Officer
1.Planning innovative R & D business		
2.Coordinating service regulations and FAQ		
3.Compiling all business statistics in the Digital Innovation Section		
4.Coordinating planning of information services and equipments 		
5.Coordinating 4F service counter business		
6.Peer scheduling, new colleagues training, intern courses arranging and training		
7.Managing power, networks, fire equipment, telephones bills & facilities		
8.Coordinating property inventory, space inventory		
9.Other assigned tasks	
Ext. # 77032
Substitute Staff: SHEN, YI(沈怡)YU, LIH-HWA(余麗華)

YU, LIH-HWA Officer
1.Managing all the RFID equipment 		
2.Managing and planning 2F Games Corner facilities and activities		
3.Managing Dah-Hsian library website		
4.Managing iVideo platform		
5.Managing 4F meeting rooms and lakeside reading area		
6.Managing computers booking system, diskless system, broadcast teaching system, computers in the information classrooms 		
7.Managing photocopier, printing and scanning facilities		
8.Managing fine payment		
9.Managing keys			
10.Other assigned tasks	
Ext. # 77033
Substitute Staff: KUO, I-WEN(郭怡雯)HO, CHI-FANG(何琪芳)

1.Managing B1F newspaper archives access service, current newspapers and binding		
2.Coordinating 2F service counter business		
3.Planning book exhibition, managing Dah-Hsian Collection and reading area		
4.Managing leaning commons & 2-3F lakeside reading area		
5.Managing 2-3F public space		
6.Supervising, training and scheduling the student assistants		
7.Searching and tracking missing books		
8.Mananging B1F dehumidifiers and control system		
9.Other assigned tasks	
Ext. # 77035
Substitute Staff: PENG, HSIAO-CHIAO(彭筱喬)LEE, PEI-HUA(李佩樺)

LEE, PEI-HUA Officer
1.Managing Lakeside Reading House		
2.Managing Lakeside Reading House renting lockers		
3.Managing Lakeside Reading House public space		
4.Mananing  air conditioning system		
5.General procurement		
6.Surpervising preservation outsourcing and cleaning outsourcing		
7.Managing water dispensers and boiling water machine                		
8.Lost and found business		
9.Other assigned tasks	
Ext. # 77034
Substitute Staff: WENG, CHING-YU(翁靜玉)HO, CHI-FANG(何琪芳)

HO, CHI-FANG Administrative Specialist I
1.Planning AV exhibition and managing audiovisual collection		
2.Managing audiovisual collection reading area		
3.Managing 4F audio-visual area 		
4.Managing 4F group audiovisual rooms                		
5.Managing 4F Creative Exhibition room &  Video Production room		
6.Managing 4F satellite TV, broadcast system and environmental music              		
7.Managing electronic board display system and content		
8.Managing 4F public space		
9.Managing and designing posters		
10.Other assinged tasks	
Ext. # 77036
Substitute Staff: YU, LIH-HWA(余麗華)PENG, HSIAO-CHIAO(彭筱喬)

PENG, HSIAO-CHIAO Administrative Specialist I
1.Managing Nccuers Collection		
2.Managing Nccuers Coolection reading area		
3.Managing 5F lakeside reading area		
4.Managing 5F public space		
5.Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)		
6.Managing B1F compact shelfing (thesis, dissertation & books) and access service          		
7.Managing B1F public space		
8.Managint filming or photoes application		
9.Other assigned tasks	
Ext. # 77037
Substitute Staff: WENG, CHING-YU(翁靜玉)

PAN, TZU-YA Administrative Officer
1.Managing 5F meeting rooms		
2.Managing 7F Lo Chia-Luen Hall and multi-function rooms		
3.Managing 8F Dah-Hsian Lecture Hall		
4.Managing 8F Dah-Hsian Seetoo research office		
5.Managing 7-8F public space environment		
6.Planning board game activities		
7.Managing TV wall system and content		
8.Managing NCCU registration system		
9.Managing and designing posters		
10.Other assigned tasks
Ext. # 77039
Substitute Staff: KUO, I-WEN(郭怡雯)

(Unencumbered post) Administrative Officer
1.Managing 7-8F meeting rooms 		
2.Managing 7F lakeside reading area		
3.Managing 8F scholars study carrels		
4.Managing 8F group study carrels		
5.Managing 8F public space		
6.Managing current, back issues of periodicals		
7.Managing IIR collections in  Dah-Hsian Collection		
8.Managing B1F IIR collection access service               		
9.Other assigned tasks
Ext. # 77038
Substitute Staff: PAN, TZU-YA(潘姿雅)

(Unencumbered post) Project Administrative Officer II
1.Digitizing retrospective thesis and dissertation		
2.Managing access control system and  monitoring system  		
3.Managing parking garage and motorcycle parking		
4.Managing lobby, exhibition area and painting display area		
5.Planning and managing souvenir		
6.Managing outdoor venue borrowing and  maintenance 		
7.Other assigned tasks		
Ext. # 77042
Substitute Staff: PAN, TZU-YA(潘姿雅)