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+ Special Collections Section
TSO, YI-WEN Section Chief
1.Oversees the administrative issues associated with the Section.
2.Coordinates and plans the management of special collection.
3. Coordinates cooperative digital resources projects with groups or individuals of interests.
4.Coordinates budget control of the Section.
5.Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 67500
Substitute Staff: CHANG, HUI-CHEN(張惠真)TSOU, MENG-TING(鄒孟庭)

CHANG, HUI-CHEN Executive Officer
1. Assist in the development and maintenance of special collections.
2. Collection maintenance and public services for special collections.
3. Exhibition, Planning and Execution of Special Exhibition Center
4. Manage digital content systems.
5. Evaluation, planning and implementation of the digital preservation project.
6. Provides special collection request services.
7. Collects and compiles statistics reports of the Section.
8. Performs other duties as assigned
Ext. # 63178
Substitute Staff: TSOU, MENG-TING(鄒孟庭)HSIEH, PEI-CHIEH(謝珮婕)

1. Manage the special collections center warehouse(storeroom).
2. Performs the management of special collections
3. Manage digital content systems
4. Provides special collection request services.
5. Supervises student assistants
6. Performs other duties as assigned
Ext. # 63179
Substitute Staff: CHANG, HUI-CHEN(張惠真)CHEN, PAO-HUA(陳寶華)

HSIEH, PEI-CHIEH Administrative Specialist I
1. Performs Special Collections Exhibition
2. Planning and implementation of special collection data restoration cases
3. Evaluation, planning and execution of digital projects.
4. Develops and conducts digital preservation projects.
5. Performs Property management and budget control of the section.
6. Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 62634
Substitute Staff: CHEN, PAO-HUA(陳寶華)TSOU, MENG-TING(鄒孟庭)

CHEN, PAO-HUA Administrative Specialist I
1.Bibliographic quality control and retrospective for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean(CJK) special collection.
2.Planning and performing call no. system changing project.
3.Provides special collection request services.
4.Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 63179
Substitute Staff: HSIEH, PEI-CHIEH(謝珮婕)HSIEH, YA-LING(謝雅玲)

HSIEH, YA-LING Project Administrative Officer II
1. Performs digital content porjects.
2. Planning and execution of publication editing and publishing
3. Performs the management of special collections.
4. Performs other duties as assigned
Ext. # 63177
Substitute Staff: CHEN, PAO-HUA(陳寶華)HSIEH, PEI-CHIEH(謝珮婕)