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CHEN, CHIH-MING Director & Section Chief
1. Coordinates and plans the application of information technology to library services. 
2. Oversees administrative issues associated with all aspects of the Section.
3. Coordinates and supervises the design and creation of academic databases.
4. Coordinates and supervises the design and development of interactive data display models.
5. Manages and maintains unit data and electronic document receiving.
Ext. # 80638
Substitute Staff: HWANG, BANG-SHIN(黃邦欣)CHANG, CHIA-CHENG(張家成)

HWANG, BANG-SHIN Executive Officer
1. Assists in promoting the application of information technology to library services. 
2. Administers the cooperation projects in creating academic databases and associated services. 
3. Coordinates and performs general affairs of the Section.
4. Acts as the coordinator of all projects to handle any issues that arise and creates project reports.
5. Serves as the Executive Editor for the Journal of InfoLib and Archives.
6. Assists the maker space and plans and maintains the digital contents displayed on interactive devices.
7. Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 80642
Substitute Staff: YOU, ZONG-LIN(游宗霖)CHANG, CHIA-CHENG(張家成)

YOU, ZONG-LIN Administrative Specialist I
1. Plans the website structure and layout, acts as the technical contact, maintains the Academic Hub platform and performs associated tutorial programs.
2. Manages and maintains academic databases and performs metadata analysis and data import.
3. Assists with exhibition planning and helps maintain related documentation.
4. Creates, manages and maintains the digital signage contents.
5. Performs budget control and property management of the Section. 
6. Supervises student assistants as well as the budget of the section.
7. Documents, debugs and maintains the Government Official Database.
8. Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 80640
Substitute Staff: LIN, YU-CHIEH(林裕傑)CHANG, CHIA-CHENG(張家成)

(Unencumbered post) Technician I
1. Plans, designs and produces digital content for exhibits. 
2. Performs visual design for websites of all kinds of systems.  
3. Performs front-end development and visual designs for visual interactive modelings.
4. Produces, displays and maintains digital content.
5. Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 80645
Substitute Staff: LIN, YU-CHIEH(林裕傑)HWANG, BANG-SHIN(黃邦欣)

LIN, YU-CHIEH Technician I
1. Plans, develops and maintains of NCCU Archives website & Memory Wiki.
2. Plans, develops and maintains of the Digital Humanities systems.
3. Develops and maintains of other information systems projects.
4. Assists in managing the maker space.
5. Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 80643
Substitute Staff: YOU, ZONG-LIN(游宗霖)TSAI, HSIAO TING(蔡曉婷)

CHANG, CHIA-CHENG Project Engineer
1. Coordinates the planning and developing of digital preservation platforms.
2. Optimizes the system function and added value to the digital preservation platforms.   
3. Establishes interface connection between different computer systems.
4. Manages the computer facilities of SSIC. 
5. Maintains the SSIC websites. 
6. Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 80641
Substitute Staff: YOU, ZONG-LIN(游宗霖)HWANG, BANG-SHIN(黃邦欣)

TSAI, HSIAO TING Full-time Project Assistant
1. Operates, manages and provides instructional programs of the maker space.
2. Performs other duties as assigned.
Ext. # 80644
Substitute Staff: YOU, ZONG-LIN(游宗霖)LIN, YU-CHIEH(林裕傑)