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+ Director Office
CHEN, CHIH-MING Dean of the Library
The Director oversees administrative issues associated with the Libraries and the Social Sciences Information Center. 
Ext. # 77072/88024 直撥(02)8237-7072

CHEN, HSIAO-LI Secretary
1. Supervises and coordinates the daily operations of the Libraries.  
2. Collects and preserves records for keeping the Library’s chronicle of events and work diaries.
3. Oversees and handles human resources of the libraries. 
4. Handles public relations of the libraries. 
5. Acts as the main emergency contact point. 
6. Organizes and runs library meetings. 
7. Compiles and writes the work reports and outlines medium- /long-term plans of the libraries.    
8. Collects and records library announcements and operational issues and responds to questions from the readers.
9. Performs other duties as assigned. 
Ext. # 77070 直撥(02)8237-7070
Substitute Staff: JHENG, YI-TING(鄭伊廷)

JHENG, YI-TING Administrative Specialist (I)
1. Transmits and receives official documents, paper works, files and memorandums.
2. Organizes the Director’s daily schedules. 
3. Handles the paperwork for publishing Journal of InfoLib and Archives.
4. Compiles and edits the library annual reports. 
5. Collects and compiles the library’s statistical data and the Director’s Office files. 
6. Processes new employee registry and report for duty. 
7. Takes control of the Library’s reserve funds. 
8. Performs other duties as assigned. 
Ext. # 77074 直撥(02)8237-7074
Substitute Staff: CHEN, HSIAO-LI(陳曉理)